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"Hello there! I'm Melissa, your homestead gardener!"
Melissa Palamar

Melissa is a professional gardening expert who has been sharing her knowledge on gardening, self-sufficiency, and homesteading for health and happiness since 2012.

Melissa’s focus is on gardening, homesteading, cooking, and herbalism to help you grow your own food and medicine in order to become more self-reliant.

Melissa has a degree in environmental studies. She is a living plant leader with WWF, and she is certified in landscape design, rain gardens, and soil management. Her knowledge surrounding gardening and the environment is extensive and reliable.

Melissa is also the author of Blooms & Reflections: An Annual Gardening Journal and An Inspired Life: A Gratitude Journal.

"I created Your Homestead Gardener as a place to share my knowledge and love of gardening and homesteading with others. I hope that you'll find something useful here whether you're a beginner gardener or an experienced homesteader."

Melissa – Your Homestead Gardener

Blooms & Reflections

Blooms & Reflections

A garden journal for the year. Sketch, and brainstorm your new garden plan. Plan for the month and for the week. Reflect monthly on what you've learn or how to improve. Includes a suppliers list and a wish list for the coming season.

An Inspired Life - Book

An Inspired Life

Discover more than just a journal; it is a companion for your personal growth and well-being. Each carefully curated prompt encourages you to reflect on the positive aspects of your life fostering a sense of gratitude that transcends the ordinary.

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