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I believe in celebrating the incredible diversity and stories within the homesteading community. My “Featured Homesteader” series is an opportunity for you to share your unique journey, insights, and the magic that happens on your homestead.

Whether you’re an experienced homesteader or farmer with years of knowledge or someone who’s just starting this fulfilling lifestyle, I invite you to become the next spotlight in my series. This is your chance to connect with a wider audience, inspire others, and showcase the remarkable aspects of your homestead.

How to Apply:

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive form that covers various aspects of your homesteading life. From the daily routines on your homestead to the sustainable practices you embrace, I’m eager to learn about it all. This is your opportunity to tell your story, share your successes, and offer valuable advice to the growing community of homestead enthusiasts.

Let your homestead shine, and let’s create a space where we can all learn and be inspired by one another. I look forward to getting to know you and featuring your homestead on my platform.

Fill out the form below, and let the homesteading adventure begin!

Homestead Journey

    Introduction: Please provide a brief introduction about yourself.

    Background and Origin: What inspired you to pursue farming or homesteading? Where are you originally from, and how did you end up on your current farm or homestead?

    Farm or Homestead Details: What is the name of your farm or homestead, and is there a special meaning behind it?

    Location: Where is your farm or homestead located? Please describe the climate and geography. You do not need to submit an actual address, unless you want to.

    Size and Layout: How large is your farm or homestead, and what is the layout like?

    Special Features: Are there unique elements, such as sustainable practices, permaculture, or specific crops/animals?

    Daily Routine: Describe a typical day in your farming or homesteading operations.

    Challenges: What challenges do you face in your daily operations, and how do you overcome them?

    Farming Practices
    Farming Methods: Are you practicing specific farming methods, such as organic, regenerative, etc.?

    Crops and Livestock: What types of crops do you grow, and do you raise livestock? Specify any particular breeds or varieties.

    Sustainability: Are there sustainable practices implemented on your farm, such as composting, rainwater harvesting, or renewable energy?

    Inspirations and Advice
    Inspirations: Who or what inspires you in your farming or homesteading journey?

    Advice for Aspiring Farmers / Homesteaders: What advice would you give to someone considering a farming or homesteading lifestyle?

    Community Engagement
    Community Involvement: How are you involved in your local community or the wider agricultural community?

    Farmers' Markets or Events: Do you participate in farmers' markets or events where people can connect with you?

    Contact Information
    Provide contact details if you are open to inquiries or collaborations. Include all social media handles, website, etc.

    Visual Content
    Please provide high-quality images and or videos showcasing your farm or homestead.

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