Canadian Organic & Heirloom Seed Companies

Canadian Organic Seed Companies

Canadian Organic & Heirloom Seed Companies

For most, gardening season is in full bloom. For us, our season comes to an end in just 2 short weeks. Why? Because we are moving from our small-town home to a 12-acre rural property. This is very exciting as it has allowed me to plan for a new, larger garden for next season. I have decided to only use organic seeds from Canadian small companies in our new gardens because I feel it is important for the integrity of a healthy crop among other things. So with that, I began my search for such companies.

What Am I Looking For?

There are several factors that aid in my decision to purchase from a seed company. I hold several important values when it comes to gardening, food production, and being a steward of the land. I believe in producing a healthy soil microbiome. I believe in producing food organically and producing high-quality, nutritionally dense foods without the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Therefore, I believe seeds should also be organically produced. Heirloom seeds are also very important to maintain the integrity of plant heritage. Lastly, and just as importantly, I believe seeds should be purchased from small, local companies. While I understand that LOCAL is not always an easy option, I do strive for small, Canadian seed companies.

Shop Small, Shop Local

Interestingly enough, 2023 proved to be quite the year for growers who used larger seed companies. I’ve personally talked to many who feel that seeds did not germinate as they have in previous years from the same companies. Coincidence? Maybe. I just find it interesting that hybrid seed, modified seed, and large company seed did not germinate nearly as well as their organic, small competitors. There is real value in purchasing seeds from smaller, more local companies. You may pay slightly more for the seed, but if germination rates are much higher, then it is well worth the price.

Next Years Gardens

The full plan for gardens on the new property is a rather large multi-year plan that will include fruit-bearing plants and trees, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, medicinal plant gardens, and edible flower gardens. I also plan to include non-native, non-invasive ornamental gardens, and native plant gardens as well.

The goal for next year is mainly to observe. While it’s always exciting to be able to expand the garden, it’s never a good idea to start gardening on new ground before you take the time to see what the land does first. Patience is important here. I need to first learn all about my new property. What type of soil am I dealing with? Is it healthy soil? What already grows on the property and where I plan to install my fields? Does the current vegetation grow well? What’s the drainage like? Does it flood? Are there any low-lying areas I need to be aware of? It is so important to know the land before you plant all willy-nilly. This will ensure a successful garden harvest and increase yields.

Depending on my early observations, next year I may only plant a few things – such as garlic, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Only time will tell!

Small Canadian Seed Companies

As I am Canadian, my search for small seed companies that only sell organic seed, and heirloom seem has yielded a few exciting results. This is not paid promotion by any means. Just companies I have either previously used and already knew about, or recently discovered and intend to use in the future for my new gardens. Here we go:

    Located in Ottawa, Ontario. I have not yet used this company, but I fully intend to give them a shot next year. I am very excited to give them a shot. Their company values align with mine very closely. They offer organic seed, and they have a large variety of veggies, herbs, and edibles. They are my top choice to try mainly because they are local to me. I can simply order online and schedule a pickup as it’s a short drive to their location. They also ship their seeds across Canada.

      Located in Fisher Branch, Manitoba. I believe I have purchased from this company in the past, but I really can’t remember. I may have just scouted them out. Their website states they “specialize in rare and endangered heirloom vegetable, flower, herb & ancient grain seed”. While this company is not certified organic, they do garden organically, and they take great pride in producing high-quality seed. They ship across Canada.

        Located in Roachville, New Brunswick. I have purchased seed them this company in the past and I was quite happy with their germination. They specialize in heirloom, non-GMO, and heritage seed. They are family-owned and operated, which is a huge bonus for me as I value supporting small businesses. They do not mention if they are certified organic or not, so we can assume they are not organic, but likely implement organic practices based on what they offer. They also ship across Canada.


        I feel it is extremely important to support a healthy food network and a healthy economy by purchasing seed that is sold by small business, local (if possible), and non-GMO, heirloom, and organic. This helps to improve the quality of the food you produce for your family, which increases your overall health. Organic production with high-quality seed improves the soil microbiome, which increases yield, and allows you to be a fantastic steward of the land which is so important for future generations to thrive.

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